Jackpot games at mobile casinos across Europe are making some very lucky players quite happy. The latest winner to hit a major jackpot on a mobile device is a young mother from Germany, who decided to try her luck with a mobile slot machine game developed and managed by Swedish firm Net Entertainment.

mobile slot machine jackpot

According to a press release issued by Net Entertainment, the lucky player is a 23-year old woman from the state of Hessen, located in the west-central region of Germany. The woman was home and had put the children to sleep when she recalled a marketing promotion for a new slot machine game; after all, another European player had hit the jackpot on that particularly game earlier that week.

Mobile Progressive Jackpot Payouts

When the German woman decided to try out her lucky hand at online slots, she chose the Betsson Mobile Casino and wagered less than one euro. To her surprise, she won 3.1 million euros on her first spin. She was with her husband at the time, and they could not believe their luck. Needless to say, their excitement woke their children up.

The winning Net Entertainment slot machine game is luxury-themed, and it is modeled after the progressive slot machines found at traditional casinos, which means that their jackpots tend to be larger due to the way they are programmed. Different games are linked on a network, and thus the jackpot is collected from a percentage of the funds played into the “machine.”

In the case of this mobile slot machine game, the odds of hitting the jackpot tend to be as large as the monetary award, but these are among the most fun games to play. The popularity of these progressive games do not improve the odds, but they do increase their activity levels.

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