Gambling with LottoFor the first time in Lotto history of UK, the National Lottery will boost chances of players to win jackpot of $13,000 if they can match the winning numbers even if they do not use the bonus ball. As per new regulation announced by National Lottery, the game will have a quadruple rollover and to increase the excitement they have announced varied prize tiers in the game. Lotto players have a chance to win more than 5 prizes by matching just numbers starting with 3 numbers at the first level and progressing upwards winning the jackpot by matching final 6 numbers.


The rollover decision

The main reason for this Lotto rollover decision was the recent draw held on 13th September which did not have any winners for final jackpot numbers. Though there were no takers for final jackpot there were other lotto winners who had 340047 winning tickets among which 322,214 people qualified for £25 cash prizes. Four players were able to quality for a win of £ 93421 by matching 5 numbers to the main game and bonus ball. Lotto in different countries is played according to their own rules and UK Lotto since 2013 has introduced Lotto Raffle game to increase number of winners.


The popularity of lotto

The Lotto is now more a game of luck as entry of players in the jackpot round is random and automatic when a player buys the lotto ticket. Now that results are available online and players can find the winning numbers within 30-40 minute delay the popularity of online lotto is also increasing. With the promised return of rollover lotto jackpot prized at $13 million on 20th September, players are excited and waiting with bated breath for results which will announced on National Lottery’s website.

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