Roulette TableThough some of the state governments within the United States regard gambling as a social menace, the locals think otherwise. While local leaders are trying to keep gambling tables and even online gambling casinos out, the citizens want to reverse these policies and bring gambling to relive the boredom and stress in their lives.

The continuous debate has forced state officials to take people’s opinion through an open poll to decide if card games like roulette and craps along with keno lottery can be setup in South Dakota or not. Constitutional Amendment Q will come into force after elections, allowing people to play casino games in Deadwood and tribal casinos at locations across the state of South Dakota.


Locals welcome casinos

The move is being welcomed by local gaming association of Deadwood in anticipation of providing better gaming options to patrons, which will also bring in high stakes players who were moving out to Vegas or Atlantic City in search of gambling opportunities. When casinos in neighbouring states like Iowa, North Dakota, Wyoming and even Colorado were being able to provide craps and roulette to their customers it is high time for similar facilities in South Dakota too. Social workers have opposed the move as they state that there are enough gambling options in the state and new ones will lead to more social unrest and destruction of families.


Family Heritage’s opposition to the move

Supports in favour of new gambling games in South Dakota stated that it will help bring in new job opportunities, which can help improve lives of people. However, Family Heritage Alliance states that with so many players already addicted to the game, it will only lead to societal ills like crime, divorce and suicide and should be allowed under strict regulations. Both sides are trying their best to get the resolution passed and whichever way the vote swings, the loser is not likely to take accept the situation quietly and will try their best to reverse the situation at the next available opportunity.

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