There are new odds from Manitoba’s online gambling siteGamblers in Manitoba are likely to beat the odds at very strange things through the online gambling sites available across the province. Since November last year has started accepting bets on strange general topics like “physical proof of extra-terrestrial beings” and “likely eye color of Prince William and Kate’s second child” when it is born. While the odds of first one are 90 is to one for the second one the odds are 28 to one. These bests are regarded as novelty bets and are extremely popular with people who follow celebrities and popular events. The site also had guessing contests for Oscar Academy award categories, Super Bowl qualifying etc., which were hugely popular.


About Manitoba online gambling

According to’s CEO that manages this website for Manitoba, events which have an international audience are more in demand and they offer bets on both cultural and human interest news topics like prediction of elections, sex of William and Kate’s baby, how long a celebrity marriage will last etc. Only players above 18 years with an online email account who can put in even 10 cents are eligible to try their luck with the possibility to earn in dollars if their odds are good. Its odds are managed by Paddy Power, one of the world’s top odds setters. To reduce concerns about illegal betting both the government of Manitoba and have strong safeguards in place.


Importance of responsible gaming

The reason behind strong policies is to encourage people to spend in their country instead of betting on illegal sites that can never be used for fruitful purposes. Instead the proceeds of Manitoba’s online gaming site are used for social causes like education, developing infrastructure, maintaining parks and improving communication. believes in setting up tools for maintaining responsible gambling and reducing problem gambling situations.

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